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May 16, 2009, 9:09 pm
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I’ve often been thinking on starting one of these things; it seems rather odd to send my thoughts out to cyberspace for people to be reading and pondering on…

But as of late, I’ve been inspired.  By friends and other food blogs…So I’ve decided to venture out into this unknown world of text and pictures…

I’m not exactly sure how to get started, or exactly what to say for a post.  I feel as though it should be profound and thought provoking…something like the other posts I have read on other food blogs that makes me want to get up off the couch right now and show my kitchen the love that it deserves…

I’m not sure how profound this post will be…I like to think it will be…but I think the best place to get started is why this spot in cyberspace now exists and its purposes and why it is entitled something so yummy and delicious and beautiful.  So here goes, and I hope you will enjoy and visit often…

DSC00678 (2)

Cooking has not long been my dream.  It is a love that has developed within the past few years, majorly in part because of this lovely and beautiful person.  I always remember my dad having a love of cooking.  He often stood over a stove mixing and creating, begging my grandmother to show him her tricks in the kitchen (you see, she was the most wonderful cook…as everyone’s grandmother usually is).  He has always been a gardener and has the most tremendous green thumb that I have ever seen, possessing the ability to make plants grow and prosper at leaps and bounds.  As a youth, I didn’t hate cooking my any means, but it wasn’t really a love of mine…I had a few dishes that I made around family holidays or when my dad was going to be late at work, but I didn’t LOVE it.  I didn’t live and breathe to be over the stove.  I loved knowledge, and studying, and aspired to be a physician one day.  I was the girl that didn’t mind homework, making notes, or doing projects.  While this earned me recognition, and helped me to this point and time at my life, I wish now that I had been more like my father.

I studied nursing in college…and am still a nurse to this day in an infant unit in the local hospital.  After starting off as a pre-med major, and realizing that being a physician wasn’t all it cracked up to be, I switched to nursing.  I still love knowledge and learning and I love nursing…most days.  But over the course of my college years, due to my classmate linked above, I began to take other interests in life.  When stress reached the max in class…we cooked to de-stress.  Or rather, I stood by while she cooked and just reaped the benefits, ha.  But either way, it was glorious.  Instead of science related knowledge, I began seeking out knowledge in the kitchen, reading about techniques and researching recipes.  I began watching food shows ravenously.  I simply couldn’t get enough. 

Here, two years later, I find myself still a balance between both, an odd mixtures of sorts.  On some days, I feel as though I lead two separate lives – one, a nurse and two, a cook that’s a homemaker and a wife.  It’s hard to combine the two while working 12 hour shifts since certain days are dedicated wholly to the hospital.  But (and here we come to the name of my blog) cooking is the thing that melds my two lives together.  It has become the one passion that I live and breathe.  Like ganache, the sort of oozy-gooey thing that drips through and makes whatever it adornes even more sweet, beautiful, and delicious, so is cooking to my life.  It weaves its way through helping to unite the two separate lives that I feel as though I lead.  I talk about cooking at work, bring my creations to watch other people enjoy, and when I’m at home, cooking is my release.  The sheer opportunity to see the result of a labor of love that makes me giggle and dance with delight. 

So what’s the purpose of this space, you ask? Not everyone has this same love.  Most people are understanding about my rambles of different sorts…the perfect scones, or finding the perfect muffin, exactly what I did in the kitchen for dinner last night, or how I brew coffee and tea at rates that should be illegal.  But they are not as passionate.  This is my spot to be passionate and discuss my love, to hopefully inspire someone as those other blogs that I have read have inspired me.  To get someone cooking, to smile when they take that first bite of what they have created, to share recipes – that’s my purpose. 

So hello world…I think I’ll love you…


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I love it!!! The post means so much to me. I can’t wait until we can get together and “de-stress”.

Comment by nursesegars

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