A Quick Word
December 1, 2010, 12:38 am
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I’ve been sick all weekend, which has left time to lay around, drink hot tea, read food magazines, feel sorry for myself, and take lots of late showers and baths. What it hasn’t left time for is cooking.

In cases like these, I have a few particular quick meals that I go to. Taco soup, being one of them, but also Chicken Fajita Pizza.

It’s this simple: take a pre-made pizza crust, like Boboli or another store brand, and preheat your oven with a pizza stone inside according to the instructions on the back of the pizza crust. Mine is usually 450. Cook some chicken, fajita style or taco style, or use those chicken fajita strips you can buy in the store. Instead of pizza sauce, use picante salsa. On top of the salsa, use mozzarella cheese, then top with chopped bell pepper, red onion, and your chicken. Slide onto the top of the pizza stone and bake until golden brown and cheese is bubbling.

That’s all folks. 20 minutes, sick or not, and dinner is on the table!


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