A Pair Made in Heaven

Update: I did not win the cookie swap, but I had a blast!

Chocolate and mint. They were born to be together. As were many things and chocolate, such as I.

Continuing with the cookie frenzy, I present this week, Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookies.

This was a recipe from the cookie swap, and I immediately gravitated towards them. And, big suprise to me, they are SUPER simple. I made a large batch today, and plan on happily munching and giving out goodies through the week. These were so easy, I bought extra ingredients so I could make them at a moment’s notice. If you like Andes mints, you’ll love these.

Make these. Now.

Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookies

1 bag of packaged, store-bought sugar cookie mix, prepared according to package directions
6-7 drops green food coloring
2 cups of Toll House dark chocolate and mint chip mix
1/4 tsp mint extract
Melted Baker’s candy chocolate

Mix all ingredients together, bake according to the package directions. After cooling, drizzle with chocolate. Eat and enjoy!


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