Saving Pennies and Your Waistline
May 5, 2011, 11:44 pm
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Recently got this idea from a good friend, Tea with SB: homemade yogurt.

Reasons you should try this:

1. It’s simple. Done in a crock pot, and incubated overnight. You mostly can leave this and forget it.

2. It saves money. You can make homemade organic Greek low-fat yogurt for half the price than the name brand stuff at Kroger.

3. Taste. I was iffy on this one. Especially since I’m not a huge fan of plain yogurt. But this has transformed me. It’s so much more of a cleaner flavor, less tart in your mouth, and simply luscious.

4. Your health. You alone control the quality of ingredients.

What do you need?
A half gallon of organic milk, you decide the fat content (I used 2%), and previously bought or made yogurt to use as the starter (I suggest Stonyfield organic Greek yogurt or Fage brands).

How do you make it?
Reference these websites:

1. The Girl’s Guide to Crock Pot Yogurt
2. Tea with SB’s Guide to Crock Pot Yogurt

There are simply so many uses for the end product, whether additions in cooking, straight for breakfast, or freezing for homemade frozen yogurt. Get those crock pots out, plug them in, and get them to good use! Plus, see the Girl’s guide to what happens if your yogurt fails…ricotta (note taken for a must feature in future post!).

**Update, as of 5/13: After making three batches of yogurt now, and after reading several recipes, I’ve found you get a better end product by adding some nonfat powdered milk, up to 1/3 cup for every 4 cups of milk. Just whisk in at the same time you whisk in the starter for your yogurt.


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